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Controlling the quality of air inside your home is essential as the weather outdoors becomes more unpredictable. Homes that are heated through the winter months tend to have dry air. Depending on the severity of the climate where you live, dry air can actually be a health hazard, negatively impacting skin and the respiratory system. That’s because dry air draws moisture from wherever it can be found, including the human body.

One way people combat the problem of dry air is by adding a portable humidifier to their existing HVAC system. These units can be moved from room to room and adjusted manually. While they may be convenient and temporarily add moisture, portable humidifiers can also be noisy and unhygienic, their reservoirs of standing water a breeding ground for microbes.

An expertly installed in home or whole home humidifying system will more effectively and efficiently add comfort to your home. They are much quieter and less obtrusive than their portable counterparts. And they don’t require frequent cleaning to be safe to use.

Adding an in home unit allows you to adjust the moisture level of the air using the thermostat. Some systems are self-monitoring and will adjust automatically. In addition to making interior air more comfortable to breath and to live with, moisture added by means of an in home humidifier can help you save on heating bills as well. When dry air draws moisture from your skin, your body responds by lowering its core temperature in a process similar to sweating. Adding moisture to the air allows you and your family members to feel more comfortable at lower temperatures. So you can turn down the heat, save energy and still remain comfortable throughout the colder months.

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